I went to a store where different stuffs are sold in bargain and I found a pair of shoes with these cute ribbon design. I bought the shoes for only 15 pesos but I’m not really after the shoes, I just wanted to have that cute ribbon and besides the shoes is already rotten so I threw it away. I thought of doing a cuff with this ribbon and this is what I end up doing. I hope you’ll like it.







Damn I’m so proud of my self. Three leather cuffs all hand made by me without spending too much money. Try doing it yourself guys. All you need to do is to be creative and resourceful…Till next time..



The “A” Addiction


I had all the free time in my hands today and I did not waste a bit of seconds so I dedicated my vacant time in doing what I love to do most, making accessories. My addiction to accessories is unstoppable and today I made necklaces and bracelet and my inspiration for this is the very famous fashion blogger, who is my favorite, Ms. Camille Co.


These were the materials that I used in today’s project.



I’m in love with jewel tones that’s why these were my choice of color for this project and now I bring to you the stars of the moment.


Lesson for today: Always remember that with the power of creativity, even  the cheapest materials in the world  can look like first-class..

A Hint of Gold

My love for accessories continues in this post. I wanted to achieve a gladiator appeal on a cuff that I wanted to make and so golds and browns are just the perfect  motive for this.

This are the materials that I used. I got this leather from an old bag which was given to me by my friend. She’s no longer using it because its already tattered so I asked for it but don’t get me wrong guys I’m not a scavenger. I just want to stress on the practice of the 3 R’s that’s all. I bought this beads for only 20 pesos. Of course I used needles and nylon strings for  stitching.


Now here’s the finished product! I hope you’ll like it :)..


It’s all about the studs

I’m feeling like a rock star lately and in a rocker look, studded cuffs is always a must-have but for the sake of saving money I decided to just make some out of recycled materials..


 As you can see this belt is already tattered and the studs are a bit rusty  so what I did is I scrub the studs using sand papers to remove the rust then I sprayed on some black paint. I let it dry for 3 hours and the rest is history.


chains and blings

I’ve been very obsessed with accessories this past few days and I cant help but make my own so I wont have to buy. This time I wanted to have a ring that says “pansinin niyo ako” and for this I used the materials that I already have with me like chains, a piece of cloth with bling-blings attached to it, a wooden bead, some little hoops and a piece synthetic leather. I also used threads and needle for some stitching.

Now here’s the finished product.