A Wise Idea

Having read the symbolic meaning of the “Owl” I began to love it. It actually matches the personality that I have. Its features include Wisdom, Mystery,Transition, Messages, Intelligence,Mysticism, Protection and Secrets. This is why I was inspired to do a statement necklace featuring the wise “OWL”. For this D.I.Y. the primary materials that I used were black and silver sequins, rhinestones […]

A Hint of Gold

My love for accessories continues in this post. I wanted to achieve a gladiator appeal on a cuff that I wanted to make and so golds and browns are just the perfect  motive for this. This are the materials that I used. I got this leather from an old bag which was given to me by my […]

It’s all about the studs

I’m feeling like a rock star lately and in a rocker look, studded cuffs is always a must-have but for the sake of saving money I decided to just make some out of recycled materials.. BEFORE  As you can see this belt is already tattered and the studs are a bit rusty  so what I […]

chains and blings

I’ve been very obsessed with accessories this past few days and I cant help but make my own so I wont have to buy. This time I wanted to have a ring that says “pansinin niyo ako” and for this I used the materials that I already have with me like chains, a piece of cloth with […]