A Wise Idea

Having read the symbolic meaning of the “Owl” I began to love it. It actually matches the personality that I have. Its features include Wisdom, Mystery,Transition, Messages, Intelligence,Mysticism, Protection and Secrets. This is why I was inspired to do a statement necklace featuring the wise “OWL”.

For this D.I.Y. the primary materials that I used were black and silver sequins, rhinestones and a piece of felt which I painted yellow.I also used threads and needles and of course the glue gun.

I first cut out a shape of an owl on the felt which I painted. I actually don’t know why I paintd it, I just felt like I have to. After it was all dry I started attaching the rhinestones and sequins.

TADAHHHH.. The star of the show. I also used a string of beads long enough to fit on my head when I wear it.

This is actually a gift for my friend. He made a request and I just cant say no so I hope he’ll like this. Thanks for dropping by. Stay pretty always.


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