Wings of an Angel

Hey guys I got a story to tell. I was viewing Camille Co’s fashion blog and I saw this jacket she was wearing. I was so fascinated by it and I wanted to have one but surprisingly the price is sky-high and I just cant afford it. Since I really wanted to have that  jacket I decided to just make my own. I studied the design 0f the jacket and I bought all the materials that I needed including the plastic gemstones, gold and black beads and textile paint. I already own a blazer where I attached the wings that I made. By the way the wings are made up of synthetic leather which I got from my friend’s old bag.

This is how the leather looks like before


Then i sketched the shape of the wings

Next, I painted it with textile paint in lemon yellow. I applied three coats of paint in this. I let the first coat dry before I applied the second and third coat.

After it was all dry I did the shading and all the bead-works required and now I give to you my greatest creation so far.

It wasn’t really that perfect but I’m still very proud of this creation of mine. Thanks Camille Co for the inspiration that you gave me..



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