beads and tassels

Hi everyone, its been so long since I last posted. I’ve been very busy that I cant find time to blog but luckily all the work is done;at least for now.

I wanted to have a new bag because my backpack is kind of over-used but sadly my mom did not give me money to buy one. I understand that earning money is really hard so I didn’t force my mom to give me money. We need to prioritize first things first. We should invest money in what we need instead of what we want. But since I really wanted to have a new bag and with the talent that I have, I decided to make a new one and this is what I end up doing.

I forgot to take a photo of how this old bag looks like before i did the customization churva. Before it was just plain black and boring so to give it a new look I added some tassels on both of the side pockets and i put the bow shaped bead-work that I made on the front area of the bag. I made it simple by limiting the detail, less is more.

I also made the studded cuff and ring that Im wearing, those two are all recycled materials.

I’m sorry if I look haggard in this photo but anyway its all about the bag so it doesn’t matter..And that’s basically it..Thanks for dropping by,stay pretty everyone……


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