Hello everyone. It’s been a week since I last posted. I became very busy these past few days due to school projects and activities but here I am ready for another showcase of my fancy creations. I just finished watching Paradise Kiss for the 5th time. This is a Japanese movie that was based on the comic series by Ai Yazawa and was produced by Warner Brothers Japan. I really love the movie and I have been obsessed with it because the story is all about fashion and one thing that really caught my attention is the butterfly ring that George Koizumi( the leading men) gave to Yukari Hayasaka( the leading lady). I was really mesmerized by it and I was inspired to make my own but this time I want it to be a necklace. For this I used sequence, plastic gemstones in black and a teardrop-shaped silver gemstone, a blue-colored feather and a coiled satin cord . I spent 37 pesos for the materials (that is less than one dollar).

This are the materials that I used

Now this is the finished product

I also made a ring for my friend

And this is me wearing the necklace that I just made and the shoes that i featured in my first blog

Thanks for dropping by.. Have a great day ahead. Stay pretty everyone :).


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