the day a star is born

Hi everyone. My name is Ronie Alcera Prudente, 20 years old, I was born in Antipolo Rizal but I grew up in Bicol together with my lola, lolo and tita. I’m a gay and I am proud and happy about that. I’m a silent type kind of person, I find peace whenever I’m alone. I can even go to the mall all by myself without any worries. Maybe because I grew up with fear. When I was a child I was so afraid to show the world who I really am because I fear that people will hate me because of my sexuality so I just learned to be with myself all the time. But it was all yesterday. Right now I’m no longer afraid to show to all the people my real identity. I don’t have to pretend all the time to please somebody. Nothing feels more perfect than being true to yourself, no pretensions no worries.

This is my first time in the world of blogging. A friend introduced me to this and I actually liked it so I want to give it a try and for my first post I will talk about upcycling. Upcycling, for the information of everybody, is the art of recycling reusable trash, turning it into a totally new object with new purpose and/or new look. I really love upcycling because it gives me the opportunity to have new stuff without spending too much money and one of my masterpieces is shown in the photo below. I bought these shoes from ukay-ukay for only 50 pesos. It already looks old and over used so I thought of giving it a new look. I first washed the shoes before doing the make-over. For this I used a black spray paint, scissors, threads and needles, a cloth with a shining shimmering details and of course a pair of pink shoe lace. First, I did some cuttings to make shoes a bit low-cut then after this I fold the top area where I made the cut to hide any imperfection. After this I painted the shoes with a black spray paint which I bought for only 85 pesos. I also attached a sparkly cloth in the top front part of the shoes to add a rocker appeal to the it and I changed the shoe- lace with a pink one to finish the look and voila!!! I have somewhat brand new looking shoes minus the prize.





See, that’s what I’m talking about. From rotten to stunning new shoes. For me if you want to have new stuffs, buying is not the only option because sometimes it’s already around your house. All you need is a sense of resourcefulness, a bit of creativity and a whole lot of confidence to pull it off. I hope you all enjoy reading my blog and I hope that you learned something about it. Thanks for reading and have a great day! Stay pretty everyone :)..


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