Feelin like an EMO

Feelin like an EMO


Animal Love

Hello everyone! It’s been a very long time since I last updated this blog and I have to say I missed this whole thing. So for this comeback I want to try something new. I want to showcase my fashionable side.
Recently we had our yearbook pictorial and it was very successful.The theme of our photoshoot was 8o’s and honestly I don’t like the whole idea but I also didn’t want to divert from the original concept. So what I did I opted for a look that is modern yet slightly retro and to give my simple “sando-jeans combo” look that 80’s sort of vibe I wore this jaguar printed blazer and surprisingly it looked really good..3777_488691004507646_402136121_n

And as you guys can see I’m wearing my very own custom made boots(DIY).Being fashionable doesn’t mean you have to spend lots of money. It just take a bit of mix and matching and see what your creative mind can deliver.. .

I was kind of sad the day our photo shoot was held because it only reminds me that our graduation is fast approaching which only means that my closest friends and I are all going our separate ways. It’s sad but there is this saying, “DONT CRY BECAUSE IT’S OVER, SMILE BECAUSE IT HAPPENED”. Our college life may end but the friendship that we had will live forever.

These are my crazy friends who I love so much.



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And this is my friend April, she’s the one who introduced me to the world blogging. Having them in my life is one of the greatest gift that God has given me that’s why I value them so much.

A Wise Idea

Having read the symbolic meaning of the “Owl” I began to love it. It actually matches the personality that I have. Its features include Wisdom, Mystery,Transition, Messages, Intelligence,Mysticism, Protection and Secrets. This is why I was inspired to do a statement necklace featuring the wise “OWL”.

For this D.I.Y. the primary materials that I used were black and silver sequins, rhinestones and a piece of felt which I painted yellow.I also used threads and needles and of course the glue gun.

I first cut out a shape of an owl on the felt which I painted. I actually don’t know why I paintd it, I just felt like I have to. After it was all dry I started attaching the rhinestones and sequins.

TADAHHHH.. The star of the show. I also used a string of beads long enough to fit on my head when I wear it.

This is actually a gift for my friend. He made a request and I just cant say no so I hope he’ll like this. Thanks for dropping by. Stay pretty always.

Try-Out Sketching

I’m in love with blazers specially the one’s with bold shoulder details. I love emphasizing on shoulders because it powers up the whole look so in this first try-out sketching of mine I focused mainly on the shoulder details. I’m a designer wanna-be you know.

Wings of an Angel

Hey guys I got a story to tell. I was viewing Camille Co’s fashion blog and I saw this jacket she was wearing. I was so fascinated by it and I wanted to have one but surprisingly the price is sky-high and I just cant afford it. Since I really wanted to have that  jacket I decided to just make my own. I studied the design 0f the jacket and I bought all the materials that I needed including the plastic gemstones, gold and black beads and textile paint. I already own a blazer where I attached the wings that I made. By the way the wings are made up of synthetic leather which I got from my friend’s old bag.

This is how the leather looks like before


Then i sketched the shape of the wings

Next, I painted it with textile paint in lemon yellow. I applied three coats of paint in this. I let the first coat dry before I applied the second and third coat.

After it was all dry I did the shading and all the bead-works required and now I give to you my greatest creation so far.

It wasn’t really that perfect but I’m still very proud of this creation of mine. Thanks Camille Co for the inspiration that you gave me..